Adventures in the Glittering Isles

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On the Road to Phandelvin

Adventure log:


Our adventurers leave NeverWinter and are on the road to Phandelver, our party includes Harrow, the Mysterious and quite Monk, Varis our young fledgling Elven ranger, a grizzled veteran Wizard Gubix, and our resident Scoundrel Salvatore. They along with the experienced wagon driver Wilbur head out to deliver the supplies that Grunden Rockseeker needs for his “Big Find”.

Grunden and his loyal lieutenant Sildar Hallwinter left about a day ahead of you to get to Phandelver early and secure a location and supplies for his operation. You have been promised 50gp each upon successful delivery of the goods.

As our adventurers travel down the road they come across a unsettling sight, ahead of them on the road are two dead horses and some scattered equipment. Wilbur and Salvatore spot the horses and stop the wagon. Salvatore suggest that Wilbur should go check the horses out but Wibur objects and points out that this is what his master is paying them for. On that note Salvatore and Harrow proceed to investigate the horses, but upon approaching the dead animals an arrow flies out of the brush and tings off of Salvatore’s armor. Harrow seeing the attack dives and rolls for cover behind one of the horses only to be met by a goblin attacking him with a scimitar. He is able to deftly avoid being hit by this clumsy goblin. At the same time another goblin appears on the other side of the road and advances toward Salvatore and another goblin pops up from the bushes and shoots at the wagon but misses.

From on the Wagon Gubix is able to spot the first Goblin who is shooting from the brush and unleashes a bolt of fire at him. This hits the goblin and knocks him back and also leaves him smoldering

Having avoided the attack of the goblin in front of him Harrow strikes back with his quarterstaff, killing the goblin quickly. At the same time Salvatore advances on the goblin still in the road and stabs him through the throat killing him instantly.

Varis fires back at the second goblin that popped up and hits him directly in the eye killing him instantly. Gubix then finishes off what he started and blasts the smoldering goblin with one last blast of fire killing it.

After making sure there were no other goblins about and searching the area Wilbur declares that these are his master Grunden’s horses. At the same time Salvatore finds a well-used path that leads farther into the woods. This path shows signs of recent and heavy use.

The adventurers decide to follow this path to see if they can find out what happened to their employer. Before they take off they help make sure that Wilbur hides the cart and stays with it until they get back.

On the path Varis takes the lead to scout the way, he fails to let the group know he has never really tracked before and proceeds to stumble over two traps. One hangs him upside down and the second is a spiked pit he falls into.

Once they extract him from the pit and heal him up a bit, Salvatore decides to scout ahead on his own. As he advances he hears some goblin voices arguing and complaining about guard duty. He listens for a bit and then sneaks back to let the others know what he has found.

The party attempts to sneak up on the goblins but make a little too much noise, they are able to get close enough to surprise the goblins and they take them out quickly. After dispatching these guards they see a cave entrance and realize this must be their hideout.

Salvatore proceeds to sneak inside and comes across a goblin standing watch on a bridge, He proceeds to kill tis guard with his crossbow and thinking that he was now in the clear he proceeds back to the entrance to the cave, along the way he passes a entrance and attacks the attention of some wolves chained to the wall, The seam agitated by his presence until he uses some beef jerky and wisdom to calm them down.

Once back with the party Salvatore lets the group know what he found and they proceed up the tunnel where they come to a room filled with two large pools of water. In this room they are ambushed by 3 goblins, one whom runs from the room yelling “Boss Klarg they’re here, Here they come”


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